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One a dark day... 

...before Christmas 2014, I was suffering from post-partum depression.


I had a support network in place, as this had been going on for quite some time, so began calling and texting my friends and family for support.


The first call went to voicemail and so did the second! The texts so far hadn't been answered.  With no responses, I began to feel more alone, more isolated and more insignificant. All I was left with was my negative self-talk -- that inner voice that deters me from reaching out for help from the next person.  

​“They are busy. Don’t bother them.”   
“They won’t care – it’s the same story as last time.” 
“How did you get here again? You know better.”

“Nobody understands this. I’m all alone."

"This will never change.”


Needless to say the evening spiraled downward and I became more withdrawn, more angry. I couldn’t be around anyone: Not my husband, not my kids, not even my dog. 


Fortunately, a friend returned my call that evening.  Her support, a lot of tears and a little grace got me through the night. Ironically, out of my desperation that night came the seed of an idea. A question really: “Surely, there must be a faster and easier way to reach out and get the support I need… when I need it?”


SendOutSupport™ was born. 

It's there to help you through tough times.  To make it easier to privately request support from loved ones or local resources, to remind you to use your own coping strategies.  We all have them, but in the darkest hours, we often forget the techniques that help us recover.  Your organization can reach out you directly with information relevant to you.  


We all need support from time to time - I hope this tool makes it easier for your to get the support your need, when you need it.  

Margie Hibbard

Founder/ President



Our Team



Margie Hibbard 

Chief Executive Officer


Margie Hibbard, H.B. Comm, has over 15 years experience in IT and business systems analysis and design. Having suffered from post-partum depression in 2013, she designed SendOutSupport™ in 2014 and founded SendOutSupport Corporation in 2016. An active member of the Junior Chamber International since 2003, she has honed her skills as a leader, trainer and public speaker. She was twice named Most Outstanding JCI Trainer in Canada, was JCI BC/Yukon Regional Speaking Champion twice and was recognized as Most Outstanding JCI Local President for the Americas. In 2016 was named JCI World Elevator Pitch Champion. She has mentored a number of individuals in relation to their business ideas and personal goals, volunteers at her children’s' schools and Peach City Community Radio and is a charter member of Soup Sisters. She is passionate about living a life of acceptance, free of judgment. Originally from Thunder Bay, ON, she lives in the BC Interior's Okanagan Valley with her husband and two children.  



David H. Arsenault MBA

Chief Operations Officer 

David has over 25 years business management experience in both the private and public sectors. He has built a solid reputation of working with businesses and organizations to maximize their people and potential. David holds a MBA in Business, an Associate Degree in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Performance. He authored and developed the South Okanagan Regional Growth Strategy as well as the City of Penticton Economic Investment Zone Strategy and was a Professor in the Okanagan College School of Business in Penticton. Over the course of his professional experience he has developed and delivered numerous funding proposals for economic initiatives, communication strategies, marketing plans, operations/business plans and strategic development for business initiatives. His background in business and community advancement also includes private and public business development including economic diversification initiatives through the federal and provincial governments. As active athlete in his youth, he played competitive hockey, football and rugby, securing a place on the Canadian National Rugby team in the 80’s.  An inductee in the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame, he has coached Football, Rugby, Soccer and Hockey and remains an avid sports fan. 



Tim Hodgkinson

Chief Financial Officer 

A senior business analyst and marketing communications professional with over 30 years account management and international business experience throughout Europe and North America within the technology, advertising and marketing industries. Mr Hodgkinson is the principal (Chairman) of Business Incuubation and investment consultancy ‘Tredgold Corporation’. He is a start-up specialist, e-commerce pioneer & investor and has acted as a senior board director for a number of high growth organisations (both ‘privately and publically’ held). His sector experience includes ‘above-the-line’ and ‘below-the-line’ and ‘technology driven businesses’ (with an emphasis on e-commerce and marketing communications). He has an understanding of all ‘fundamental areas’ of the business mix, from the ground up (including: analysis and execution) and enables organizations to overcome corporate governance issues and execute profitable growth formulas (including: restructuring, turn-around’s, funding, market positioning, strategic alliances, I.P.O.’s and appropriate exit strategies.).


Our Mission

Through innovation, we empower people to reach out easily to make real connections with technology - wherever, whenever needed. 

Our Vision

To improve lives by supporting real connections through technology.

We Value


Customer Commitment

To inspire a human connection of supporting individuals to reach out to their network. 


To provide outstanding support and service that delivers a premium value to our clients. 


To uphold the highest standards of integrity and security in all our interactions. 


To always consider, respect and be responsive to the emotional and mental needs of our clients. 

Personal Accountability

To personally be accountable for the delivering on our commitments.