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Help at the touch of a button

Your list of helpful web resources at your finger tips.  Add the links that work for you.  

Personalize your own coping strategies and reminders.  Your own needs, in your own words. 

Easy setup wizard, customize settings as you go and get notices from your organization, right in the palm of your hand.  

Support messages written ahead of time.  Don't worry about what to say.

An emergency number at the push of button.  Customize for your needs.  

"If you touch one person...if you can get one person to reach out and get help and save a life, in any way, or make a life better, to me it's all worth it."

- Mike Babcock, Head Coach, Toronto Maple Leafs.  

SendOutSupport™ provides personalized support when you need it. ​​

Pre-program your messages, coping strategies and personal contacts.

SendOutSupport is a customizable communication tool that makes it easier to ask for help.
The SOS app gives anyone who is struggling have an element of control in their recovery. Whether hockey players or athletes, business people or caregivers - everyone responds well when they can connect with care.  

With the SOS app ready to go, just press the button when you need a boost. 
The SOS App helps you reach out without having to think about who to call or what to say.  

SendOutSupport is designed help youth, athletes and everyone in between, communicate better when struggling with everyday stress or mental illness.  


The SendOutSupport™ App empowers you:​

  • Import or add selected contacts

  • Pre-program two levels of support requests

  • Customize personal coping strategies

  • Program coping strategies reminders

  • Access a list of helpful resources in your area

  • Keep a crisis phone number at hand


Build your own support network that is just that...yours.  Add the people you can lean on when things get tough and let SendOutSupport help you reach out when you need it.  


Setup up quickly with the step by step wizard and when you need help, press the button.  

Download the SendOutSupport™ App from Google Play or the App Store

SendOutSupport Android version
SendOutSupport iOS version